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Serving Houston, TX Since 2005

We’ll turn your house into the home of your dreams!

Free On-Site Estimates

Serving Houston, TX Since 2005

Let’s turn your house into the home of your dreams!


Solar Screens

Solar screens replace conventional window screens and like the conventional kind, they won’t block out your view of the outside or restrict air flow. However, unlike conventional screens, solar screens block out most of the sun’s harmful UV rays which will keep your home cooler during summer months.

Solar Screens = Massive Energy Savings

In fact, back in 1994, during a US Department of Energy study it was discovered that shading exterior windows was an efficient way to stop the buildup of solar heat in the home.

If you live in the Houston area then know how important this can be to keeping cool during the summer. You’ll also get the benefit of simultaneously keeping cooling your costs down. Exterior solar shading has been proven to reduce interior temperatures by as much as 20 degrees during summer months which can limit the amount energy used by air conditioning units.

Year Round HVAC & Heating Savings

Exterior window shading, or solar screens, are equally important during winter months as having window installation using solar shades keep in heat too. This can make for a 20 to 30% difference between the temperatures inside your home versus the temperatures outside.

It was also found that up to roughly 40% of heat buildup and energy loss can be prevented with exterior solar window shadings. Blinds and drapes do not effectively reflect, block, or absorb UV rays before they enter your home which results in heat build-up.

Solar Screen & Window Treatment with Design in Mind

In most cases when we drive down the street and see exterior solar window coverings they often black or another dark color that looks like. HVH Remodeling of Houston offers window coverings and solar screens that come in an assortment of different earthtones.

These assortments range from a beige look, to grays, browns, and blacks.

We also offer you white, aluminum, beige, or bronze window frames to complete the transformation. Modernizing your windows can completely change the look of your home, boosting it’s contemporary appeal.

Other Benefits of Window Treatment

There are numerous health benefits to having solar screens covering your windows too. They protect people, plants, pets, and furniture from the sun’s energy rays and can also limit eye cause by these UV rays. Moreover, they help to keep homes cool.

Other reasons to consider solar screens are as follows;

  • They pay for themselves with the money saved by the homeowner on electric bills
  • In the winter, they keep homes warm so homeowners don’t have to set their heating systems as high.
  • By blocking the sun’s rays, the screens also prevents furniture from fading.
  • Solar screens can be custom-fit for any window or door.
  • Solar screens come in a number of colors and shades.
  • Energy customers save money by not having to use their air conditioning systems or fans as often.
  • Most solar screens keep out 20 to 30 percent of the sun’s heat.
  • Solar screens save money in the long term, and beautify in the short term.

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