Sod (Laying Grass)

The Best Way To Start a New Lawn, Sod

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Many home owners wonder which is best, laying sod, or planting grass seeds. While planting grass seeds is cheaper (and a waste of time in most cases), homeowners, hands down, favor laying sod. Why? Sod offers an instant lawn to make a long story short. See the example of our work below.

Sod Also Repairs Severely Damaged Lawns

When considering laying grass keep in mind that laying sod is fast, and offers a high quality instant lawn. Sod installation can be the best alternative for starting a new lawn or repairing a severely damaged one. Below we have a few benefits that go along with laying sod.

  • The grass is mature thus minimizing maintenance.
  • Sod can be planted on an incline.
  • Sod is generally 99% weed free.
  • Sod lawns require shorter post-planting irrigation periods than grass. This saves water, which can be more cost-effective and environmentally sound than irrigating a seeded lawn.
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