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Kitchen remodeling is one of our specialties. If the home had a soul the kitchen would have to be it. In fact, one of the main factors in buying a home turns out to be the design and layout of the kitchen, time and time again. We’ve worked for thousands of hours adding culture to hundreds of kitchens in the Houston area. Yours might be next!

A Kitchen Remodel May Raise Your Home’s Value!


A kitchen makeover, renovation, and remodeling for more comforts, amenities, and conveniences, may raise the overall value, or “buy now” factor of your home. In most cases when married couples are buying homes, the wife has a lot to say about the choice of the house being purchased and an awesome kitchen might influence that decision.

Design & Build

Design should be accommodating since the kitchen is the main meeting place for the family during dinner, holidays, and generally serves as a family’s headquarters.

HVH Remodeling of Houston’s kitchen remodel projects are almost always purely designed on the basis of the look and feel desired by the homeowner. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that you vision becomes a reality in design, and finally the build process.

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Our kitchen remodel services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Custom Cabinet Building on-site.
  • Granite Countertop installation.
  • Kitchen Islands are highly popular. Ask us about getting one for your kitchen.
  • We provide appliances on request.
  • Flooring is also a common concern when having a kitchen renovated. Be sure to talk with us about the number of flooring options we offer.
  • Painting and wallpaper hanging.
  • Garbage Disposal installation.
  • Kitchen Ventilation and Exhaust Systems.

Ready to Start Your Kitchen Remodeling Project?

Kitchen remodeling constitutes a major change to your home which involves plumbing, design, and construction expertise. Our team of dedicated professionals are fully prepared to start the project, and finish it.

From the drafting of blueprints to the final wipe of the paintbrush, you’ll be involved in your kitchen renovation project and have a role in it from start to finish.

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